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Loyalty points

Marketing the Rewards Promotion

Mimosa Loyalty Card

We’re re-launching our brand-new Loyalty Rewards Platform for our amazing customers!

This program will allow you to accumulate points as you shop so that you can use these points to get more discounts from your future purchases at Mimosa.

Unlike most of the other Loyalty Card Programs out there, we are giving you a 3% cashback on your entire bill when you redeem your points!

Here’s a quick summary of how the process works!

> You receive 1 points for each Rs.1 you spend at Mimosa.
> When you want to redeem your points you are able to do so in batches of 100 points.
> Each 100 points allows you to reduce Rs.3 from your entire bill on your next purchase.

Here’s a quick example of how this works in reality

> You spend Rs.3,000 and receive exactly 3,000 points (1:1 ratio)
> Those 3,000 points can be used in batches of 100. So you have a total of 30 batches that you can redeem (3,000 points/100 batches)
> Every batch of 100 points is valued at Rs.3 each so you receive a total discount value of Rs.90 (30 batches x Rs.3) that can be reduced at your next purchase.
> A Rs.90 discount from a Rs.3,000 purchase is an exciting 3% discount (Rs.90/Rs.3,000) on your next purchase at Mimosa!

Some brilliant news is that this Loyalty Rewards points redemption process and the 3% discount you receive is valid for both Online purchases as well as In-Store purchases! However, all Online points can only be redeemed via Online purchases and all In-Store points can only be redeemed In-Store purchases. They cannot be mixed.

But there’s more than one way to earn points to your Mimosa Rewards! Have a look at all the different ways before

  • Create your brand-new account with Mimosa and receive 500 points as a sign up gift! Just click on the Mimosa Rewards icon on the bottom right side of website
  • Like us and Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and receive 100 points to your Mimosa Rewards tally
  • Online Referral Program
    • Use your specific referral link to send to a friend who has not registered with Mimosa so that she received Rs.30 off on her purchase
    • If your friend makes her first purchase, then you are automatically gifted Rs.30 towards your points for successfully referring a new friend!

    Some even more exciting news for our supportive and faithful Online customers who have been shopping with us for a long time and have created online accounts with us is that we have activated all your points for all your previous orders with us!

    So you’ll find a pleasant surprise when you log into your account at and have a look at your profile. Surprised by all those accumulated points in your account? Well all those points can now be redeemed at your next purchase through the website!

    We hope that this Loyalty Rewards Program will help you to enjoy shopping with us even more, as you earn points and receive discounts as you shop more with Mimosa!

    Click on the Mimosa Rewards button on the bottom right-hand side of the website to find out more details of your current points tally and other useful information!