International Customers: Please note that your transaction will take place in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) at Checkout. An approximate currency conversion is mentioned below


E Gift Cards




  • E-Gift Cards are the perfect way to send someone a gift on their birthday or any special occasion. Once you purchase the E-Gift Card from the website, and the payment confirmation is received by us, you will be sent an e mail with a unique code. This unique code is for you to use at the checkout page to activate or to be forwarded to your friend so that she can use it herself!


  • Unlike the In-Store physical Gift Voucher, the E-Gift Card acts as a credit balance, and can be used on multiple orders if the total value of the E-Gift Card is not utilized in the first order.


  • For example, if you purchased an E-Gift Card valued at Rs.5,000 and used it on your first order that amounted to Rs.3,000, then the balance credit balance of Rs.2,000 can be used at any later date for your next online order! There’s no rush and no need to use the whole E-Gift Card on one order!


  • E-Gift Cards are pre-paid and we only accept online payments through Debit and Credit Cards. We also accept FriMi payments for E-Gift Cards.


  • E-Gift Cards can only be used for purchases made on the website. No cash refunds will be made for E-Gift Cards that are purchased, and we do not allow E-Gift Cards to be used In-Store at any Mimosa physical retail locations.


  • We advise to keep the unique E-Gift Card private and not to share it with anyone who might use it without your consent. You wouldn’t keep your credit card lying around in the open, so protect your digital E-Gift Card in the same way!